The 1888 Society

Starr BuildingSince 1888, the MBL has been a leader of scientific discovery in biology. Today, with our eyes fixed on the future, we recall the values that brought us so far. In order to fully embrace this idea, the MBL’s Planned Giving recognition society is named The 1888 Society—marking for us the importance of our strong foundation as we continue our journey forward to new discoveries.

The MBL is pleased to recognize scientists and friends who provide for the Laboratory’s future through bequests, life-income gifts, and charitable trusts. The 1888 Society celebrates those with the foresight to make a planned gift to the MBL.

The MBL is committed to recognizing ALL who have made such a thoughtful, long-term commitment and who are ensuring that these gifts become an enduring part of their MBL legacy. If you have arranged to make a planned gift to the MBL, or intend to do so, please let us know! This enables us to recognize your gift intentions during your lifetime and encourages others to consider a planned gift to the MBL.

If you are considering a planned gift to the MBL or would like more information, please contact us today.


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